Analytics and Reporting

analytics and reportingMobile advertising is becoming the best way for companies to generate revenue, brand awareness and loyalty. If you are looking to start or improve a mobile ad campaign, analytics must be part of your activity in order for you to know just how impactful your mobile advertising campaign actually is. 


In the past, advertisers using above-the-line mediums could only analyze the impact of their campaigns as a postmortem function. With mobile advertising, you can view your campaign’s analytics in real time.  In other words, you can see how your campaign stacks up against your marketing goals while the campaign is live. When you utilize mobile analytics during the life of the campaign as well as after the campaign has ended, you can really watch your mobile marketing strategy come to life.


When a mobile campaign is paired with a seamless analytics component, the success of that campaign is higher than a campaign without one.  Analytics can tell you where your ads are most effective based on:

 Carrier/Service Provider





When an analytics component is integrated into a campaign and optimization is put into play, designers, copy writers, and ad operations teams are able to tweak the campaigns, so that success metrics can be achieved.


Need help with your campaign’s analytics?  Mojiva offers a robust analytics dashboard.  This personalized control panel is easy to navigate and allows you to optimize campaigns on the fly.  Simply log in with your details and you will see your campaign’s performance metrics in real time.


If you notice your campaign is more successful in some areas, the dash offers simple selections that will increase your campaigns performance at the click of the button. Our analytics dashboard can help you answer the following questions:

 What publisher site brought the most clicks and conversions for your ad?

 What geographic location did most of the action come from? 

 What time of day was most popular?

 What mobile platforms were most popular among users that were interacting with my ad?

 Which phone carrier subscribers most viewed your ad?



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