Understanding Mobile

Understanding mobile advertisingWhen Is It Time To Include Mobile Advertising Into The Mix?

Nowadays, a large percentage of the population owns or uses a smart phone.  As a result, for advertisers of any size, mobile advertising is one of the greatest ways to raise awareness of any product or service.  More companies are starting to add mobile advertising to their marketing mix because it’s a communication channel that is flexible in targeting, can offer many creative ad unit formats and is easy to track and report on.  


Something to Consider

If you take a look outside right now, how many people have their mobile phones in their hand?  The slight ring or vibration of the device makes people jump to see what kind of notification is on their phone.  Whether it be an SMS, call, app push notification or even a social media ping, users are constantly engaged with their wireless devices.


With traditional communication channels like radio, print and TV, marketers are buying space without having any real way of tracking the campaign or knowing if the audience is truly paying attention.


Mobile Advertising Made Simple

There is an ease to mobile advertising that many people are coming to realize.  In the first instance, the flexibility and targeting that a mobile campaign can offer is one-of-a-kind. 


Can you think of any other media that allows you to target a demographic by all of the standard online capabilities such as:






 Device capabilities

 Carrier/Service provider


 Handset model

Mobile advertising is the only form of media that gives marketers the power to know which type of audience they are talking to, and to track their engagement with a campaign in real time.


How Does an Ad Network Like Mojiva Help You?

If you choose to work with an ad network like Mojiva, campaigns, including creatives and landing pages, can be set up and deployed within a matter of minutes.  Many advertisers choose to work with a mobile ad network like Mojiva for a few important reasons:

• An easy-to-use interface allows for fast campaign upload and launch

• Flexible targeting options ensure your brand’s message is being received by the right audience, at the right time

• Pricing is based on cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

• Channels are developed based on user demographic

• Real-time reporting allows you to manage and optimize campaigns quickly and easily


If any of your marketing objectives include data capture, brand awareness or lead generation, mobile advertising is the perfect medium to help you achieve your business goals.



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