Increase Marketshare with Mobile Advertising

What Brand Marketers Can Expect From Mobile

There are many benefits to mobile advertising, Mojiva can help brand marketers reach over a quarter of a billion unique devices in the US and over 1.1 billion unique devices worldwide every month. Mobile advertising helps build engagement and drive revenue by providing consumers with personal, valuable and relevant content when and where they want it.

Growing Mobile Audience

With smartphone penetration increasing at an almost exponential rate mobile can be considered a standalone media, and it is important to understand mobile advertising and how it can be an enabler for traditional media and help build:

Mobile Integration

Building these marketing channels is important, but when an analytics component is integrated into a campaign and optimization is put into play, designers, copy writers, and ad operations teams are able to tweak the campaigns, so that success metrics can be achieved, but be sure to separate online and mobile advertising strategies.  Just because they both provide an internet connection to the user, does not mean they are the same.

Mobile Creative Alliance

To make it easy for advertisers, we've put together a rich media gallery which shows mobile rich media ads sorted by partner, vertical and rich media ad type.

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