The Right Ad, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

With mobile advertising becoming more pervasive the ability to reach  a specified audience has become increasingly important. Deliver your clients’ message to users when they are most likely to convert, based on real-time visitor information including:

Contextual Keywords

Mojiva analyzes the content of each publisher within its network based on the site’s text, language, link structure, page structure and more. From this information we can determine what the theme is for a particular mobile website and place your clients’ ad according to how relevant it is to the end user.

Mobile Web and In-App

Consumers are spending roughly 50% of their mobile engagement time using a browser and 50% using apps. Target one or both through specified targeting. (channel placements such as games, sports, business, education, finance and more.) This seems to be about the below, Vertical

Demographic by Vertical

If your client wants to capture the attention of the 18-24 male demographic in the sports vertical or the 24-36 female demographic in the entertainment vertical, the Mojiva network has the capability to target those mobile users or a host of others based on specific targeting requirements.

GeoTarget Location

Reach consumers when they’re looking of relevant local information by targeting your campaigns to users based on their location, such as continent, country, US region/state, US city or other parameters.


Optimize your clients’ campaign spend by running campaigns during relevant times throughout the day. Day-parting is especially useful for ads which require a time sensitive reply to the users click, such as a click-to-call ad or targeting a specific location only during operating hours.

Mobile Carrier

Carrier targeting is a strong tool in running conquesting campaigns as well as other instances where reaching consumers on a specific carrier network are essential. You can reach your mobile audience by mobile carrier, such as AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

Mobile Operating System

Targeting mobile operating systems is a valuable tool in reaching specified audiences to optimize your clients’ creative content. Target operating systemssuch as Apple (iOS), Droid, RIM and Windows Mobile operating systems.

Mobile Device

Reach the consumer your clients are looking for bytargeting their ads to specific devices such as the iPhone, Droid Phones, Blackberry, Samsung and others.

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