Staying One Step Ahead of Technology

Technology in the mobile industry is constantly evolving over time and Mojiva stays on track with the Mocean Mobile ad serving platform which was built from the ground up, exclusively for mobile, by industry experts to meet the specific needs of the ever-evolving mobile landscape.
The Mocean Mobile technology provides:

Mobile Framework

Built to manage the high volume a mobile ad network like Mojiva provides, it has a very sophisticated system for dealing with the complexities of ad networks operating in the mobile space.

Reporting & Analytics

The tools for monitoring performance, optimizing campaigns across multiple publishers, and making real-time adjustments is integrated into the campaign dashboard.


Mocean Mobile’s system allows publishers to increase ad revenue by offering enhanced targeting, custom placements, and rich media delivery.


The Mocean Mobile ad server powers mobile ad networks in the USA, UK, India, Spain, Israel, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world.

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