Monetize Your Mobile Web Traffic

Let the team of mobile experts at Mojiva do the heavy lifting in monetizing your mobile website or app. We can help optimize your inventory so you can focus on achieving your overall goals and objectives. Take a look at some of the benefits of a mobile ad network.


Our global ad network provides broad reaching access. In the U.S. alone we reach over 224 million unique devices monthly.


Our premium service provides you with on-the-fly campaign optimization to ensure superior results. You’ll also receive detailed post-mortem reporting.

ROI Conversion Tracking

Your campaign results can be measured and reported by CPM, Cost-per-Click, Click-Through, Click-to- Call, and/or Conversion.


Bundled channels provide you with deep reach into your target audiences.


Your ads are displayed where they’re most relevant and stand the greatest chance to generate return. Your campaigns can be targeted to specific criteria including contextual keyword, demographic by vertical, mobile web and in-app, geotarget, day-part, carrier, operating system, device and device feature.


Mojiva Mobile Audience Guide (MAG) provides you with insights into the ever evolving mobile advertising landscape through primary research on the most current topics. Download the latest MAG or any of our other mobile research.

Mobile Rich Media Certification

Make sure that your mobile web site or app can serve mobile rich media cleanly and seamlessly. Mojiva's team of experts will review your mobile site or app and help you through the process of ensuring rich media ads run smoothly.

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