Monetization for Publishers

Mobile Publishing: Monetization Made Easy

Monetization for PublishersYour site has high unique traffic every month. Countless followers come to your hub daily and they all look to your mobile site as the information leader in your category.  It makes sense that you want to extend your revenue streams and open up your WAP site to include mobile advertising.  Mojiva helps you earn easy revenue by enabling mobile ads for your site.  So, what are you waiting for?

Mojiva’s publisher network provides:

 A real-time reporting interface.
 Metrics on performance, costs and more. 
 Fraud detection mechanisms, giving a clear picture of every impression/click your site or app delivered to the advertiser.
 Relevant targeting - mobile ads from Mojiva’s network are placed on your site to compliment your content and ensure your users will value seeing them.

Mojiva’s publisher solution helps you monetize your mobile content instantly! Our easy-to-understand mobile ad network is simple to use and navigate. Our system puts the publisher in the driver’s seat: you choose where the mobile ads should go and when they run. To become a publisher on the Mojiva network, you must meet the publisher requirements.

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